App Update!

Hey Guys!

I am very sorry for not having written in a very long time. Anyway, I have recently discovered two new photo editing apps.

1. Reflection

Reflection is this really awesome app which allows you to reflect and rotate any image anyway you want it! It’s really awesome and super fun to play with!

2. Krop Circle

Krop Circle has a bunch of different ways to crop your photos. These include circles, hearts, lightning bolts, numbers and letters.

If you want to check out any of my photos make sure to check out my instagram: @lilmissswiss

More posts coming soon!

Sarah xoxo


Nike Plus Fuelband Review

Nike Plus Fuelband

Nike Plus Fuelband

One of last year’s christmas presents was a “Nike Fuelband”. My dad had bought won earlier in the year and had loved it! He then decided that it was time to buy two more, one for my mom and one for me. So here I am, on a 37 day streak. The general idea is that you set a goal on your “Fuelband”(mine is 3000-that’s average) and you must a load of activities in order to reach that goal. Once that goal has been reached, you sync it with the Nike app and there you go.

Available Colours

Available Colours

I have a white “Fuelband” and absolutely love it!

How your Tracking appears through the Nike Plus App

How your Tracking appears through the Nike Plus App